Friday, March 19, 2010


Toei Doga's 1965 space adventure UCHU PATROL HOPPER (Space Patrol Hopper) blends the hero elements of ASTRO BOY and sci-fi wonder. This 44 episode black and white TV series was part of a program called Peacock Theatre. Peacock Theatre was a platform for anime TV shows sponsored by Dai-Maru Department stores.
Dalton and Doc
Guu and Donkii
During a flight in space, Jun and his family are brutally attacked by a hostile alien race. Injured badly, Jun is rescued by the Space Patrol. To save his life, Jun is turned into a super-powered cyborg. Jun now has super strength and the ability to fly. The Space Patrol are a kappa-looking alien race who are guardians of the universe. The patrol is based in a THE MYSTERIANS-like space station and travel in flying saucers. Jun becomes a Space Patrol member and helps them defeat robots on the loose and stop super villians. Jun dreams of finding his family and bringing the alien attackers to justice.
The very detailed backgrounds and tech reminded me a lot of the old pulp sci-fi magazine covers. For a show that mixes a lot of humor within the drama, it added a cool atmosphere. Almost a METROPOLIS feel sometimes.
The heroes and villians were pretty simple looking, but cool, the stories and action made up for that. PRINCE PLANET fans will really have fun with this series.
The show's title changed to UCHU PATROL HOPPER-UCHUKKO JUN later in the series when the adventures were taken to Earth. Jun's voice was by Machiko Soga, who played Pandora in ZIKU SENSHI SPIELBAN and Bandora in KYORYU SENTAI ZYURANGER (Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers). UCHU PATROL HOPPER is old-school anime at it's best, kid hero vs. robots, what else do you need?


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  2. for this one i must say that for all the great production work that's in evidence here, i've never been that crazy about kappa-based dramatic characters- they're just too goofy! there are exceptions, like the Kappa No Sanpei series and the Yokai Warfare movies, but really, these guys look like walking cream-cheese rolls, one of which is wearing a bad rug! i dug the femme fatale character near the end of the video though- more of that please! of course, i would watch all and enjoy most of this series if i had the opportunity to see it, but...

  3. Wait until Death Kappa comes out. I think we may all change our minds on how we feel about them then.

  4. Is this series available anywhere? Any help will be greatly appreciated! :)

  5. Four episodes were available in a Japanese monochrome anime box set that is now out of print. The whole series is still awaiting release.

    1. Many thanks for the data. I hope to see again this great series some day :)

  6. hello:

    I have one copy of the best of Uchû Patrol Hoppa on dvd. it's rather cute. I like it. is there anyone who has any more copies on dvd.