Wednesday, May 12, 2010


To show appreciation to all the Black Sun followers, I threw together a compilation of the songs that you hear every week on my blog. Yep there's a catch too. You must be a Black Sun follower and be kind enough to answer a few questions, then send them to along with your user name. In return I'll send you the upload link for this 34 track, super duper summer cd. This way I can get to know you better and what you would like to see in future posts. Thank you for your support and kind comments left every week, I have a lot of fun doing this. Don't forget to check out Chicago Ghouls.
Here's the questions. List as many answers as you like.
1. What is your favorite anime?
2. What is your favorite live action/tokusatsu TV show?
3. What is your favorite kaiju/giant monster movie?
4. What Japanese bands or music do you like?
5. What movies or shows would you like to see on Black Sun the most?
I'll reply to e-mails starting this Sunday.

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